Through the various companies, operations and new ventures, investment opportunities frequently arise. These opportunities are normally in the expansion of current companies in the network, new project or contracts undertaken by individual companies or the group of companies as well as investing in a start-up company.

Although investments in start-ups are sometimes considered a high risk, the GEDGroup minimizes this risk by our involvement with the growth of the new company, the management thereof, investing ourselves and only venturing into territory which we have researched thoroughly and in which we secured income to sustain the budget. Investing in a company early on rewards considerably as it achieves maturity.

Potential Investors can register online to be contacted when an opportunity becomes available. This registration is considered as a show of interest alone and not as a commitment from the registering individual or company.



Project investments are limited to a specific contract and subsequently the term thereof. The interest rates on investment for this product depends on the term of the contract but are typically the highest in the range of investment categories available. As a standard, our contracts contains a clause insuring the original investment amount. In the event that a project or contract is prematurely terminated for any reason, the initial investment capital is returned to the investor along with the interest accumulated. This product holds a very low risk. Returns on investment can be scheduled monthly, quarterly or annually.


Existing companies in the group are continuously exploring opportunities, products and new ideas within their respective markets. Once a prospect with considerable market potential is identified, feasibility and funding requirements are determined. The majority of these developments require considerable funding. As far as possible, prior the development of new products on large scale, a market is established with sufficient clientele to support the department whilst the client base is developed. This method of development has proven its efficiency on a few occasions. Commencement of return on investment on these products are negotiated to determine a suitable date to allow the product to grow in the market.


These investments carry a slightly higher risk as newly established companies runs a higher risk of failure. GEDGroup mitigates this higher risk by developing companies with a similar approach to a project in that income streams to maintain the company and its shareholders are as far as practicable secured prior to major investments. We define a start-up company as any company that’s less than 2 years old. Although the risk is higher than Project or Development Investments, the potential reward is also far greater.
Depending on the investment, allocation of shares can be considered in the event that he investor would like greater involvement.